Mike Fraser



Hello everyone, my name is Mike Fraser, I grew up in a small town in Southeast Nebraska, and began my waterfowling experiences at a young age. Throughout the years I have had the privilege hunting waterfowl with many family members and also close friends. I look forward to many more years helping teach our three boys, and their kids someday, the fun and excitement, that goes along with each hunt wherever it may be, in a field, a duck boat, or on the North Platte River in Western Nebraska.  I think someday they will learn as I have, “it isn’t always about the kill”.  I hope they all figure it out, that being in the blind with buddies telling stories, watching the birds as they descend into the decoys, watching the dogs work, and learning how to call, when to call, and how much to call, are the things that really seem to matter the most. 

Comparing hunts at the present time, versus when I first started hunting, you will find that we truly are blessed with tons of opportunities when it comes to Waterfowling.  The use of cell phones, and the internet, just to name a couple, have allowed us far more tools now than we have ever had.  Whatever tools you may use, whether you are trying to find where the birds are, the weather conditions, guns and gear etc…when you choose your calls, I truly believe that you should consider Carlson!  Thanks to Wendell, Jim, and now Ryan for helping me grow and learn amongst the best in the business.