Angie Kokes

Angie Kokes was raised at the foot of the Nebraska Sandhills by a family who loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing.  She learned early on that if you want something you are going to have to work for it.  She attributes the character and values she has today to being raised with a never quit attitude. 

Angie began hunting and fishing at a very young age, tagging along with her dad for any hunt he’d take her along on, and with her family and grandparents on weekend fishing trips.  She hunted and fished all through grade school and high school.  Her first year of college she made enough money selling furs to make her very first rifle purchase. 

Married now for sixteen years to her husband Adam, the two hunt, fish and are full time farmers and ranchers.  The couple also own and operate a tack & trailer sales business.  As a farmer and rancher Angie says being in the outdoors is not just a weekend event, it is everyday life.  Angie’s home is situated on the North Loup River with close proximity to 3 awesome lakes and she takes full advantage of all of the hunting and fishing the area has to offer.  She embraces the life she has been blessed with on the farm and the ability to witness nature in all it’s splendor all day, everyday.

While Angie is most passionate about bow hunting, she will tell you if it can be hunted she either hunts it already or plans on hunting it in the future.  Among her favorites along with bow hunting whitetail and mule deer are duck & goose hunting, upland game birds, dove hunting, calling coyotes, raccoon hunting, hog hunting and when she’s not hunting you will find her on the river or lake somewhere fishing.  If it’s outdoors you’ll find Angie somewhere near by.   

After being a contestant on a women’s outdoor reality show airing in the fall of 2013, Angie became a member of the Hobie Fishing Team, Smart Targets Pro Staff, Prois Hunting Pro Staff, Deaux Girl’s Pro Staff and sheis very excited to now join the Carlson Calls Pro Staff.  Angie and a fellow contestant on the reality show, Shannon Bost have also formed “Preying Angels” and are currently filming an outdoor adventure/hunting show that will be titled “Preying Angels”.   She say’s your dreams can never be to big, and she feels that God has truly blessed her on all her adventures. 

Angie hopes that by sharing her experiences and love for the outdoors she can inspire others to get out of their comfort zones, try something new and see what the great outdoors truly has to offer! 

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