Jim Lund

Waterfowl hunting has been a passion of mine for many of years.  I can recall the first flock of teal buzzing in the decoys over twenty years ago.   I was hooked from the start. I am an avid outdoorsman that grew up and currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska.   I built my first boat blind at the age of 16 and began chasing ducks throughout the central flyway and still do till this day.  I love hunting big reservoirs in my boat blind and hunting mallards in grain fields.  There is nothing like a flock of mallards on their last pass over a snow covered corn field.

I also share the same passion with walleye fishing. During the spring and summer months you can find me in my fishing boat across much of the Midwest.

I am lucky to have been introduced to the outdoors at an early age and am blessed to be able to enjoy it with my wife and kids.  I am looking forward to the day my Carlson calls in a flock of mallards for my kids.  I am a true supporter of conservation and teaching today’s youth all about the sport of waterfowl.