The Carlson "Patented" Acrylic VoloChoke


The Carlson "Patented" Acrylic VoloChoke

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YOU ASKED FOR IT! NOW IT IS HERE! This is the LAST call you will ever need to purchase! Only Color Option is a Mallard Green Insert with a Mallard Green Barrel.

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The Acrylic VoloChoke® offers the waterfowler the durability and stability that acrylic material affords. Additionally, this design resists sticking from moisture buildup under the reed. The patented design and craftsmanship used to create the Acrylic VoloChoke® is what offers the waterfowler the consistency demanded to not only call ducks, but also to learn proper operational technique. This stability of design and consistency of operation should not be overlooked or underestimated. Not only is this the LAST call you'll ever should be the first call you purchase!

To duplicate the range of volume the Acrylic VoloChoke® provides, one would have to purchase 4 individual acrylic calls at the cost of $625.00. There is no longer a need to invest that kind of money or carry that many calls into the field.

The Acrylic VoloChoke® comes with 4 interchangeable choke tubes that will produce 4 very distinct calling volumes, allowing you to now match your calling volume to the environment in which you're hunting. All with the same call! From the smallest timber lined pothole, to the wide open expanses of large bodies of water, to the stages of world class calling contests, the Acrylic VoloChoke® will work for you! It can and HAS done it all!

The Acrylic VoloChoke® comes with the CD, “Mastering Your VoloChoke®”. This tape will provide you with 3 optional approaches to the operation of your Acrylic VoloChoke®. For the serious student looking to learn proper operational technique this information and instruction alone will prove to be invaluable.

Also available is an additional lower volume choke. This Black choke will produce an even lower volume and can be just the ticket for those hunting the smallest of areas, or on those extremely wary birds on very still days.