Jim James

Jim James

Greetings fellow waterfowlers!  My name is Jim James and many of you may know me personally or maybe know of me.  I’ve been a waterfowler since the age of 5 and looking back that is well over half a century ago.  I’ve hunted waterfowl from Canada to Arkansas and from the Rocky Mountains to well east of the Mississippi River.

I was introduced to Carlson Championship Calls and top notch calling in 1986 and have never looked back. I got involved in competitive duck calling and along the way was fortunate enough to achieve success.  I won over 10 World Sanctioned State and Regional Contests and in 1996 was crowned the World Champion in Stuttgart, Arkansas.  In 1997, I won the Winchester World Open Contest and then retired from the sport.

Once I was introduced to top notch calling and meaningful instruction I found immediately that the end result in the field was unquestionable.  Forget the fact that a good caller can kill more ducks.  It’s the confidence one gains to be able to work ducks in and out of the spread, turn them on a dime and basically play with them until they commit and present point-blank shots that keeps the ‘ol juices flowing.

In 1999, I purchased Carlson Championship Calls from Wendell Carlson and for the next 11 years continued to provide functional calls and meaningful instruction to the thousands of waterfowlers who regularly sought out what we offered.

Make no mistake about it…one will never be any better than their call AND their instruction will allow.  Just having one or the other doesn’t get it done!  The best call can sound horrible if improper operational techniques are applied. Conversely, the best instruction is meaningless if the call design one is using is not supportive of the instruction being taught.  I learned this over 25 years ago and in all those years it is just as true now as it was then.

The best advice I can give anyone looking to become a better and well-rounded waterfowler is to concentrate on their calling skills.  Spend the money to purchase a Carlson Championship Call and one or more of the instructional materials they offer. Make the commitment to study, learn and implement the instruction as it is taught. You do all this and you will quickly see what I saw all those years ago.  Trust me…it will be well worth your time and money.