Jason "JJ" Ranolph


Hello, my name is Jason Randolph. Most folks call me JJ. I have been hunting waterfowl for close to 40 years.  I am originally from Springfield, NE. We lived right on the Platte. I grew up hunting ducks and geese on the Platte in eastern and central Nebraska and on the Missouri River on the Nebraska/South Dakota Nebraska.  At a young age, I was privileged to hunt with some of the finest waterfowlers in the Midwest. 

My father, Michael Kahler, owned a blind boat with John Allen from Omaha. I was fortunate to have them take me along. They hunted Niobrara before anyone knew about it.  I got to hunt with waterfowl luminaries such as World Champion Dick Schultz, Spencer Brooks, Randy Straus, Billy Cox and the man himself, Wendell Carlson.

I have never blown anything but a Carlson Call from the day I picked calls from Wendell’s personal collection.  At the age of 14, I finished third in the NE calling contest.  My dad got second and he was scared to death I was going to beat him.

I currently own and operate WyoBraska Waterfowl.  We offer premium mallard and Canada goose hunting in far western NE and eastern WY on and along the North Platte River.  As well as spring snow goose hunting in southeast NE.

I am blessed to have four amazing Labradors that enhance my days in pursuit of the ducks.

I have never strayed very far from the Platte and Carlson’s have been and always will be on my lanyard. 

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