Brian Davis

Ryan once again y'all have a great call. I just love it. It is the best call I have blown and I have blown a lot. Hands down better than RNT, ECHO, and Buck Gardner. You have truly the best call on the market in my opinion. I am grateful that I was directed to your calls and I can't wait to show my buddies and others these fantastic calls. Thanks again

A little bit about myself. I am married with 2 kids I work as a Fireman in Athens TX. I also do construction work on the side. My family is a hunting and fishing family. Any chance we get I love to be outdoors doing something with my family. I love teaching my kids about the outdoors whether it hunting, fishing, survival, or just shooting.

I was born in Peoria Illinois and grew up in a town east of Bloomington Illinois called Arrowsmith. About the time I was 5 or 6 my dad used to take me goose hunting with him and his buddies when they hunted corn fields. I can remember how cold I was but didn't want to say anything because I didn't want him to leave me at home. But I can remember the first time a group of geese came in and the roar of all the shotguns going off and seeing the birds fall. Hearing the guy's dogs retrieving the geese and all the guys celebrating.  This went on for a couple of seasons then when I was about 8 my dad gave me a wooden shotgun to take with us and he took me duck hunting with them on the Illinois river. This was a big deal to me because I wanted to show that I could be responsible and act grown up. I remember the hunt was just about over and my dad told me to move in front of him and a small group of mallards was just coming in. He held the gun in front of me and told me to take it and he told me he would tell me when to shoot. Well the group came in and a guy yelled cut em and I aimed and shot and dropped a duck. I was the only one who shot. That was my initiation to duck hunting. I got a lot of ataboys and good jobs but I was hooked from then on. I started learning decoy placement and how to call ducks and what to do and learned the hard way on what not to do. I hunted dove, duck, pheasant all through junior high and high school. I left for the military after high school and hunting was put on the back burner due to deployments and being stationed in Hawaii. I got out if the military and settled into my life now and resumed hunting and fishing just like when I was a kid. On New Year's Day 2012 I convinced my wife to go hunting with me and I took her and my kids to an afternoon hunt. We were sitting in the blind waiting and waiting. Well 3 mallard drakes came in to the spread and I dropped all 3 of them and my wife jumped up and said I wanna do this. Well off to gander mountain we went. Hunting license, duck stamp, camo clothes, shotgun, shells, and a blind bag etc... later, we were headed back home. We went out the next morning and she dropped 2 redheads. It was great. Now she is my best hunting buddy. Also that same year I had dropped a mallard drake and I had my son with me who was 6 at the time he had his red rider BB gun with him and when the drake fell to the water I told my boy to shoot him. He shot that drake in the head 3 times with that BB gun and to this day he thinks he got him. It was a great moment. I also coach select baseball and I try and take all my boys to the blind at least once a season and teach them how to duck hunt and they love it. I mean they love it.

Well enough with the stories I have many to tell. But, a quick history on my hunting experience.

Starting hunting about 30 years ago with my dad. Started carrying a gun about 10. Been hunting ducks ever since. I enjoy all wing shooting and shooting sporting clays. I have a great passion for the sport and love talking to others trading ideas and tactics and learning new things. Love the time in a duck blind and it goes by way too fast. I have helped guide hunts and have helped guys learn to blow duck calls. By no way am I an expert but I can field call. I have never entered a competition I just don't feel that's duck calling. I know that call companies need guys to do that to get the name out there but I love watching them and being there just don't enter my self. I have lots of buddies that duck hunt and know many guides and guide services.